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Real Estate License - Salesperson License

Getting your real estate license has a few general requirements. You must be 18 years or older, a Texas resident, a citizen of the U.S. (or non-citizen national or qualified alien under Federal law), have a valid Social Security number, and of good character. A salesperson license allows you to engage in the practice of real estate only under the supervision of a broker. Here are the basic steps to file your Application for Salesperson License.

Satisfy current education requirements totaling 180 hours all of which must be “qualifying” real estate.

  • Six (6) are specifically mandated Qualifying classes – (60 hours of Principles of Real Estate; 30 hours of Law of Agency, 30 hours of Law of Contracts, 30 hours of Real Estate Finance, and 30 hours of Promulgated Contracts).

All your courses are offered at The Real Estate School at SABOR.  All applicants must pass the Texas Real Estate Exam - details here.

Real Estate License - Broker License

As you gain experience, agents may encounter many opportunities to advance within a firm, or you can choose to earn a brokerage license and start your own business.  A broker license oversees the activities of sales agents and may or may not personally engage in the practice of real estate but has the responsibility of managing a real estate business. The Texas Real Estate Commission requires the following:

  • At least four years active experience in Texas as a licensed real estate salesperson or broker during the 60 month period immediately preceding the filing of the application.

  • Must demonstrate not less than 3,600 points of qualifying practical experience obtained during four out of five years as required by §535.56(b) of the Rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission.

  • 270 classroom hours of Qualifying real estate courses. A 30-hour Real Estate Brokerage course must be completed as part of the 270 core hours.

  • An additional 630 classroom hours in related courses. A bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university satisfies all of the "related" education requirements for a brokers license. A copy of the college transcript awarding the degree must be submitted as evidence of completion of the degree.

  • View full course offerings - See Schedule of Classes

For current TREC requirements visit:

Finally, applicants must pass the real estate license examination (exception: some license reinstatement applicants) and satisfy the Texas Real Estate Commission character requirement to be entitled to licensure. 

Qualifying / Maintaining Your License

For your first Salesperson renewal, also known as re-certification, you must take an additional 90 course hours of Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE). Qualifying real estate classroom hours and SAE hours must total 270 classroom hours. All first-time-renewal licensees must furnish SAE completion certificates to TREC prior to your license expiration date.

Post-licensing education is necessary for upkeep of Salesperson and Broker real estate licenses. The Salesperson and Broker CE requirement is 18 classroom hours of TREC approved CE courses. At least six of the 18 hours must consist of a three hour legal update course and a three hour legal ethics course created for and approved by TREC to satisfy the six legal hours of Continuing Education (CE).

For specific circumstances such as renewing an expired or inactive license, visit the TREC site:

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