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Step 1: Your Profile


Step 2: Answer Questions
1. Select the qualities that most apply to you:
Dedicated Enjoys frequent changes Bottom-line focused
Shy Outgoing Assertive
Laid Back Flexible Innovative
Empathetic Forward Thinking Regimented
Prefers Close Management Hobbyist

2. How important are ethical business practices to you on a day-to-day basis?
Not Very Important Important Very Important

3. Do you prefer to be accountable to others in your career or to just yourself?
I prefer to work independently I prefer strong management
I prefer to be accountable to leaders or peers, but only minimally, and work mostly independently

4. I am interested in continuing my education throughout my career to advance myself professionally.
True False

5. How comfortable would you be with relying on your savings while beginning a new career and completing any necessary prior coursework or professional training?
Very Uncomfortable Mostly Uncomfortable Moderately Comfortable
Mostly Comfortable Very Comfortable

6. How interested are you in developing a career with a specialization?
Not Very Interested Interested Very Interested

7. Your ideal job would have you working __________.
Weekends only Weekdays only A Mixed Routine of my choosing

8. I enjoy meeting new people.
True False

9. Teamwork is important to me.
True False

10. How ambitious are you?
Not Very Moderately Above Average

Step 3: Please enter text shown in image:
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